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    Welcome to WestCoast Design!
    We are specialist of Photography & Web Design...
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    Look at this dynamic landscape!
    Panorama will create more dynamic landscape.
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    We are specialist of Photoshop
    From Photo retouch to...
    Custom design...
    We will create as you want...
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    Thank you for visiting our website!

What We Do


Due to our over 30 years of experience, we promise the best quality photos.

High quality photos on your website... it is the way to draw attention!

web design
Web Design

We are specialist of html5 +Css3 Responsive Web Design.

Today, more and more people use smart-phones or Tablet and now it is compulsory adjust your website to them.

We are the few specialist of "Responsive Websites".

Adobe Photoshop

Thanks for digital cameras... there are so many things we can do today with Photoshop.

From photo re-touch to custom design, we are able to do as you requests.

Recent Work